Good morning. I am furious.

Good morning to all.

We all know that (anti)social media is a great source of news and discussion. But we also know that it can easily lead to misunderstanding and disputes. And I have joined / caused / created a potential dispute this morning on FacePlant / FacePalm / FaceBook – choose whichever term suits you best.

There was an item from JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – saying that Australians with T1D will be having 432,000 injections today. Four of those will be for yours truly. There were comments on the post and the first one was from a lady who has lived with T1D for 61 years and she’s looking forward to a cure, as we all are. And one thing that she will do is go to a cake shop and buy a cake to eat without a second thought.

Now here’s the bit that got me angry. The next comment was from a lady who challenged the first lady and said that she was sorry that the doctors had trapped the first lady in that mindset – exclamation mark! She was from the modern school that considers that people with T1D can eat anything at any time, so long as you account for it and do the needful.

Well, I saw red. How dare she assume that everyone needs to see the world as she does. I replied with what I have come to learn is called a flaming comment, telling the second lady, ie. the challenger, that there are us out here in the real world, most often older people who have lived with T1D for many decades, who CHOOSE to continue using the management regime that was taught to us way back at the start of our T1D diagnosis. I’m one of them. Back in the 70’s I was taught by the doctors and nurses in the hospital about food, carbohydrate, exercise, insulin. Yes, part of the old method is to have regular food at regular times, but having survived admirably for 46 years so far, I choose to continue with what I was taught. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

How dare this woman simply assume that the first woman was ignorant or oppressed, just because she chooses not to push a sugar laden cream cake into her face. How dare she.

The first woman was much more polite than me, telling the accuser that she has lived a good life doing sky diving, extensive camping and road trips etc, and has not missed out on much in life. I too have lived a full life with sky diving, living overseas in Saudi Arabia etc etc etc, which might be surprising to the second lady, seeing as how I CHOOSE not to gorge on sugary cream cakes and a helter skelter of fast food abominations – apart from chips of course, but that stands to common sense.

It was attitudes like this that finally caused me to leave most of the T1D groups on FacePlant. They are so righteous and high and mighty, so long as you do things their way. If you dare show some back bone and suggest something different, you are hounded until you leave the group. Well I left before that.

I have lived very successfully with T1D for 46 years and I don’t need some upstart telling me that I don’t know what I’m doing, so how dare they try it with somebody who has 15 more years of experience than me.

How dare they.

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