Note while low

Afternoon all.

It’s not my intention to be morbid, but I’ve decided to make a post while I’m low. For any reader who doesn’t know much about “diabetes”, that means that my blood glucose level right now is below what it should be and wow, can I feel it.

I’m eating as I type this, in order to bring it back up. Not to do so would be stupid for lots of reasosn, not the least being that I wouldn’t finish the post. If I hadn’t started eating food to bring it up, I’d have 5 minutes left before I couldn’t type any more.

But, I can feel that I’ve levelled out now. I still have to keep eating, but I can feel that I’ve stopped dropping. Whoo ay?

Right at this moment there’s heavy storms rolling over my home town. The sky outside is dark and menacing and heavy rain is just beginning. That pretty much matches how I’m feeling inside, both my body and my head. My body is shaking and feeling like a thundercloud has been growing there for the last 15 minutes. My head feels like the storm looks; dark and menacing. It has this end-of-the-world feel, where all light has disappeared and only thunder and lightening are my companions. I know this will change soon, but that’s how it feels right now. And if not for the carbohydrate I’ve already eaten, and my 46 years of living with this, or is it 47 now, the theatening dark clouds would only be getting worse, as the doom settles in.

God I hate this.

I’ve eaten enough as I type this that I know I’ll be OK soon. But If I hear one more prick complain about not be able to go ourt and party, there’s every chance that That I’ll hit them. The stupid, self-centred lousy pricks that they are.

I’m out.

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