Sir, You Have A Book

Marathon des Sables
That’s me in the middle

In this current world where everyone seems worried about corona virus and how to get some more toilet paper, here’s a little story to take your mind off that.

I’ve always liked writing stories about the big things that happen in my life, and one of the bigger things was back in 2010, when I competed in the Marathon des Sables in Morocco. That’s me above in the middle with my hands folded in front of me.

Just this year Google, in their pursuit of having every book in the world online, opened themselves up for ordinary folk to be able to publish books. I stumbled on this only a couple of weeks ago, so set about seeing if they were true to their word.

And guess what! They are.

So now the book I wrote about the whole 2+ year experience of preparing for and participating in the Marathon des Sables is now one click away for you.

I won’t bother telling you that it works best with Chrome; I’ll let you do it the way you best want. But the adventure and drama really is only one click away.

Click here for The Book – Google Books

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