The Unexplainable 2 – But Wait, There’s More

Oberon Bay

I managed to organise a proper walk today. It’s been too long. My brother and I went to Wilsons Prom and did a very pleasant 18km to Oberon Bay and back.

Because it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a proper walk, I made sure that I had a little more than the normal amount of carbohydrate while walking. Then after we got back to the car and on the way home I had extra backup food, as experience told me that my BGL would need supporting.

Later this afternoon, just as we were getting ready for our evening meal, I wasn’t feeling very well at all. Because I wasn’t showing any of the normal signs of low BGL, I just put it down to a mild case of exhaustion from the significant and sudden extra exertion.

But then when I did my pre dinner test, I realised what the problem was. The test showed 2.6. That’s very low – 47 in the USA. So I was feeling distinctly unwell simply because my BGL was low.

There’s 2 important aspects to this situation.

  1.  I wasn’t showing any of the normal signs of low BGL
  2.  I had eaten a significant amount of food today because of the exercise, backed up by a significant amount of food after the exercise was finished

So why was my BGL so low?

Well, that’s the unexplainable bit.

I had done everything correctly, following the tried and proven routine from when I was doing the serious walking those years ago. I had even over compensated afterwards, knowing that the level was likely to drop further because I’m no longer as fit as I was back then. All of this was based on my experience of 46 years, and particularly what I learned when preparing for walking in the Sahara.

Combine that with the fact that I didn’t show any of the normal signs of low BGL, and there you have a story that is unexplainable.

Yet another T1D quandary.

That is T1D as I have lived it.

Marathon des Sables – A Type 1 Diabetes Adventure

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