Complacency Is Not An Option

This is the first post for a while, because everything has been rather standard and there hasn’t been much of interest to mention. Sadly, that sets up the conditions for that danger that is ever lurking behind the door, complacency.

It was a normal day yesterday, and the day before. Nothing of note or of interest happened.

After a standard day, a bit of relaxing TV last night before the last test of the day, which determines how much of a snack I need before bed. Keep in mind that it is this snack which gets me safely through the night so I wake with an acceptable BGL level in the morning.

The standard test at the standard time showed a very non-standard reading – 16 point something. For those in the USofA, that is about 295.

Well of course I was surprised by that. My evening meal had even been a little bit less than normal because, being a rainy Saturday, I hadn’t been as active as I normally would have been. I expected a reading more like 7 or 8, not 16.

As I had done everything to the book, and it is important not to start questioning the technology, which had new batteries and no reason to be faulty, I made note of the reading then chose not to have a snack. Again, this was the standard procedure given the reading and relevant circumstances.

This morning, I did the standard test at the standard time and again it showed a very non-standard reading – 2.8. For those in the USofA that is 50. So suddenly I’m in BE VERY CAREFUL mode. Instinct kicked in and I went straight to the kitchen to get a juice box. Nothing else mattered right at that moment.

So why did everything go so off the rails? Who knows. The 36 hours before this morning’s test were a sea of standard, so there was no obvious reason why the evening test was false. But taking the simple view, false it obviously was.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – If you start questioning your technology, then you put yourself on a slide down to fear. If you start questioning your process, you start to destabilise your base. But if you trust your technology and your process, you can begin to accept that these things happen and that complacency is the issue.

Type 1 Diabetes – It never goes away and it never lets you forget.

That is my day as I have lived it.

Marathon des Sables – A Type 1 Diabetes Adventure

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