Just Another Day – 2

It’s Sunday.

We had a reasonably quiet day planned for today. Nothing special and nothing overly taxing. Even my BGL was “normal” this morning.

Off we go to do the grocery shopping. It doesn’t get more suburban normal than that in The Magical Land of Oz.

As we progress stutteringly up and down the aisles I started to feel a little odd. I did a quick mental check – Am I shaking? No. Am I confused? No. Am I starting to feel removed from the moment? No. Well then it’s not likely to be low sugar …… but …..

The feeling just got more pronounced as we progressed, then by the time we got to the checkout I was convinced that “my sugar” wasn’t good. And because of how this had snuck up on me I knew from history that this was one of those sudden drop ones. I now knew that I had at most 20 minutes before I’d need help from someone else.

After finishing the shopping then going home, I hurried to get the fruit juice box from the fridge, followed by a few emergency jelly beans. After following up with a standard lunch, all is again right with the world.

Everything was normal but I had what is in reality a small medical crisis. Out of the blue and totally unexpected.

Just another day living with T1D.

Marathon des Sables – A Type 1 Diabetes Adventure

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