Daily Happenings with T1D

I am not a seasoned blogger. I am not even a typical blogger. I am more than 60yo and approaching retirement, so I’m not the sort of person who’s going to be hanging off a cliff for a selfie and then telling the world how wonderful it is to be alive and to live life to the fullest.

What I am is a person who has lived a long time with Type 1 Diabetes.

In that time I have experienced almost everything that T1D can throw at someone. Luckily for me that does NOT include blindness, failed kidneys or amputations. But it DOES include eye damage, creeping peripheral neuropathy (loss of feeling in the toes) and brain damage.

With that combination, I’m trying to work out what sort of “daily happenings” would be most interesting and useful for people to read about. Have no hesitation in leaving a comment to tell me what you would like to know more about. Your help in giving me some direction will be most appreciated.

Maybe you know nothing about “diabetes” and are slightly curious enough to learn more. Or maybe someone in your family has been recently diagnosed and you are worried and looking for information. I am certainly not a doctor and will never give medical advice; but what I will do is give a real-life perspective to almost any subject that could have any connection at all to T1D.

And sadly, that means many things that happen every day in normal life.

So in the next post I’ll start rambling on about T1D and day-to-day life. But I hope to get some direction from people out there in The Real World to help guide my words in a more useful direction.

Marathon des Sables – A Type 1 Diabetes Adventure

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